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Auf dieser Plattform publiziere ich Interviews rund um das Thema “POTENTIALS-ENTFALTUNG” analog dem Buch “Lust… vollends Frau zu sein.

Auch in dir steckt eine Vollblutfrau. Lebe sie!”. Lerne von den herausragenden Frauen aus den unterschiedlichsten Sparten, die mit Einsatz ihrer Stärken & Talente ihre Ziele & Wünsche erfüllen und ihre Potentials-Entfaltung täglich aufs Neue leben! Zudem teilt jede einzelne dieser tollen Frauen mit euch ihr Lebensmotto und gibt zusätzlich weise Tipps! Spannend, motivierend, lehrreich und inspirierend zugleich!

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Talk with Allegra Giorgi Giani

by | Apr 5, 2020 | Interview, Video

With my book “Lust … to explore the thoroughbred woman in you?” I motivate and inspire women – all over the world – to recognize and live out their genius and uniqueness as a woman. Within this in addition I interview. What a big pleasure to introduce you the talented and amazing woman – with the wonderful name such as – Allegra Antonia Martina Giorgi Giani within my weekly interview serie, who is doubtless a thoroughbred woman of its kind!
Allegra is a great example for her name – which means in Romansh “Feel happy!” – as she is such a positive and cheering person, which sees always the bride side of life!
Being a wonderful mother of two great kids – her most important role, as she says herself – Allegra is as well living daily her creativity within the family WebTV business named by being a Producer and the Vice Director. She loves that work a lot, where she is using her talent of organizing, developing innovation work and being endless creative, which she is as well using within the platforms of ENJY.TV and
To explore her immensely potential Allegra is working for the Radio RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera, where she broadcasts about Engadine within her mother tongue of Italian.
Another passion of Allegra is ART; especially the ART pieces of the famous female artist Mili Weber (1891 – 1978) which is able to be seen at the Mili Weber House in St.Moritz. Already the house itself is every visit worth, as it is celebrating the 100 years anniversary in the year 2017!
In doing so, Allegra sets her focus as one of the creative and cheerful members of the Engadine St.Moritz community and is therefore well respected since she has such a positive attitude to life, success and energy as a philosophy of life!
Thank you, dear Allegra, for your tireless commitment and enlightenment with your being and acting. It’s wonderful how much your spirit and sensitivity help people around you and encourages them to make the most of their lives.
You can find more information about Allegra Giani on
– Video on YouTube:
Do you want to know more about the performance of your thoroughbred woman in you? Then get my book:
All further interviews for this series can be found at
Ps: A big thank you to Hotel Laudinella for the warm hospitality and the usage of their great library!
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