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Auf dieser Plattform publiziere ich Interviews rund um das Thema “POTENTIALS-ENTFALTUNG” analog dem Buch “Lust… vollends Frau zu sein.

Auch in dir steckt eine Vollblutfrau. Lebe sie!”. Lerne von den herausragenden Frauen aus den unterschiedlichsten Sparten, die mit Einsatz ihrer Stärken & Talente ihre Ziele & Wünsche erfüllen und ihre Potentials-Entfaltung täglich aufs Neue leben! Zudem teilt jede einzelne dieser tollen Frauen mit euch ihr Lebensmotto und gibt zusätzlich weise Tipps! Spannend, motivierend, lehrreich und inspirierend zugleich!

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Interview with Tineke Vijsma

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Interview, Video

It is a big honour to introduce to you an outstanding woman and human: Tineke Vijsma! This impressive person is proving to all of us, what is important in life!
Tineke, which was born in the Netherlands, has her roots back in Indonesia, where her parents are originally coming from. Being the seventh child out of ten, she grew up in a big family where always something was going on. In a young age, she started to travel all over the world and was just on the way to concur a great carrier on cruise ships.
Caused by a bacterial disease, she found herself confronted with the terrible fact that she was not able anymore to walk, and she ended up in the wheelchair. And too she had to give up her most loved activity: Travelling!
Over 7 years she was keeping up her optimistic and trying all sort of therapy until they found medicine and the impossible was suddenly possible! She got out of the wheelchair!
But only 3 years later another big confrontation was facing her. The test result proved, that she had cancer and her whole world went down again.
Not giving up, being brave like a lion she kept on pushing herself to the edges. Overstepping with every treatment her own limits and getting to know not existing strengths of her, she never lost her strong believe and trust in the positive outcome.

And – God thanks – she managed it again!
What an unbelievable person and woman…
I am so impressed by her. Not only by her strengths, her wisdom and cheer for life, but for her incredible positive way of thinking and living! Her sense of humour is a rock too!
What an honour to call Tineke my friend!
Please listen to this interview which is full of so many wise messages-
Tineke’s wise and important message to all of us are:
– It is all about now!
– Enjoy life!
– Be happy for what you have & what there is in life!
Thank you, dear Tineke, for your time, open and honest words! I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet up with you after so many years. Wish you all the best…!!!
For more information, look up the following links:…/tinekes-rheumatoid-arthritis-cry…/
Are you aware of your full potential? Do you know your strengths and talents? You are full of wonderful knowledge and capacity!
Get my book “Lust… to explore the thoroughbred Woman in you?” and you will explore your potential.
More information found on:
A big THANK YOU to Hotel Walther in Pontresina for using the very comfortable Bar of the Hotel to take this interview.

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