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Passion “Bernina Gran Turismo” – Story 04

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Photos

That scenery is one of the highlights during the Bernina Gran Turismo 2020. Right around 06.55 a.m. while all the oldimers got ready for the drive down to La Rösa, that scenery was catched by me. As a passionate fotografer I adore to catch the moment by its beauty…. And defently this is one of them.
Not only shows the outstanding scene & panorama of the Swiss Alps right infront of the little lake on the Bernina Ospiz a perfect set up for the sun to spoil its watcher. So does as well this beautiful oldimer art piece, which is one of the amazing beautiful pieces from that show & race.
Lets face it: To see and observe special moments just like this, is something, which needs doubtless to be shared for those, who were not able to be there.
So therefore – my dear people out there – enjoy as well this beautiful moment of its kind!
Your Carmen C. Haselwanter
“You decide on what you put your focus on!!”

Ort: Bernina Ospizio 

Motiv: Sonnenaufgang mit einem Oldtimer

Aufnahme: Carmen C. Haselwanter

Camera: Olympus

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