Buch: Hochesh’… byt’ istinnoj zhenshhinoj?

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Hochesh’… byt’ istinnoj zhenshhinoj?
I v tebe skryta «porodistaja zhenshhina». Projavi ee!

Автор: Кармен К. Хазельвантер / Carmen C. Haslewanter
Издатель: Creativitá Productions

ISBN-13: 978-3907151235
Размер: 18,9 x 24,6 см.
Обложка: Paperback
Страницы книги: 196
Дата публикации: март 2019 г.
Тип книги: рабочая тетрадь
Язык: русский
Цвет: Да

Примечание: Эта книга также доступна на английском и немецком языках.

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Ty tozhe otnosish'sja k tem zhenshhinam, kotorye hotjat ot zhizni bol'shego? Kak v naslednice Kleopatry, i v tebe skryta istinnaja, «porodistaja» zhenshhina, raskryv potencial kotoroj, ty pochuvstvuesh' sebja v silah izmenit' svoju zhizn'. Raz i navsegda!

Zakanchivaj zhit' kak straus, kotoryj pri malejshih izmenenijah, obrazno vyrazhajas', prjachet golovu v pesok. Nachinaj realizovyvat' svoi mechty! Jeta kniga pomozhet tebe osoznat' svoju genial'nost', svoe velichie i svoju unikal'nost'!

Ty nachnesh' zhit' zhizn'ju TVOEJ mechty! Ved' TY jetogo dostojna!



Author: Carmen C. Haselwanter
Since her childhood, writing & photography has been an important tool for Carmen C. Haselwanter to express her authenticity and creativity. When she left her Austrian homeland at the age of 17, the globetrotter continued her passion for writing to record her observations and experiences of her numerous journeys. The versatile author attaches great importance to emphasizing & presenting the colorful and creative side of the world with her written word.

The author’s repertoire includes numerous guidebooks, non-fiction, children’s books, diaries & photo books in various languages. The non-fiction/workbooks function as indispensable tools for the workshops and online courses that the Power Coach also offers.
The author is also active as a coach, manager, entrepreneur & photographer. Since 2014, the author has also been in charge of the highest casino in Europe.

A versatile woman who wants to bring people closer to the courage to live out their own authenticity with her works.


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